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In Princeton NJ we are fortunate to have spacious installations and a full working kitchen that allows us to accommodate many special events in our space o private gatherings. As we get our feet wet in our new home, we will be listening to our customers and preparing schedules for visiting chefs presentations, book signings, tasting and pairing classes, jamon carving seminars, live music performances and much more. So do feel free to inquire and make suggestions. Oh yes, we are avid futbol - soccer aficionados so we will also televise those important games on our t.v. screens— think... Real Madrid, Barca...

Delivery Service

Platters delivery

We offer a list of catering platter options of our meats and cheese specialties as well as office lunch platters of our famous bocadillos, salads, and pintxos for you to choose from. They can be shipped or packaged and taken to go or delivered.

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Private Events


If you love our Despaña Princeton Fine Foods & Tapas Cafe, we do offer special in store private event space for Despaña food catered options. Three floors of space, an outdoor terrace and a private parking lot for customer use for you to enjoy.

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Take Away Service

Take Away

Our imported food products and prepared foods can be shipped or packaged and taken to go or delivered.

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Jamón Carving Master Class

Shortly, expert ham carver, Raul Martin and the Despaña Princeton team will show off and show you their secret carving skills at Despaña's Jamón Carving Master Class. Over the course of two hours, 15 lucky culinary novices and experts alike will engage in hands on instruction with these master carvers in the heart of Despana Princeton.

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Despaña Special Tastings

Coming soon!

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Yelp Reviews

This is my favorite food spot after a soho shopping trip! I always feel like I took a mini culinary trip to Spain when I step into Despana. Everything is delightful here. You can't go wrong.

Jess C. 2/5/2012 Read more

The combination of the serrano ham and the creamy goat cheese provided carnal pleasure for my mouth.

Alexander K. 12/22/2011 Read more

With lots of lots savory items to sample like cheese, salami, chorizo, dips and olive oil, you can't help but purchase something, and the impressive array of products create an inviting environment worthy of more than a quick look. There's no room for disappointment or regret.

Mona L. 12/3/2011 Read more

Everything here is amazing, this is the place to go and have spanish delicatessen or buy the best ingredients to make the best paella! Highly recommended!

Daniel K. 2/15/2012 Read more

Their counter o' pork has some real treats: the morcilla (blood sausage) and lomo embuchado (cured pork loin) are among the best I've had in NYC,...and they slice their Iberico by hand.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Truly amazing! Feels & taste like your back in Spain.

Danny A. 1/29/2012 Read more

Everything here is delicious, made properly and is such high quality. I absolutely love that I can pop in here for a snack anytime. Their gazpacho is summer is like other-worldly-seriously awesome.

Jerry B. 1/20/2012 Read more

Their selection of canned and jarred seafood is incomparable in the city - high-quality brands that are above and beyond what you'll find elsewhere, and at very reasonable prices for said quality.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Nestled in between Soho, Despana is a hidden treasure. Try any of their food, but the sandwiches, flan, and various chorizo are heavenly.

Geoffrey B. 10/1/2011 Read more

The tradicional with manchego and jamon serrano is out of this world and loved all the meat samples and oodles of cheese and olive oil that were out to try. This place totally transports me back to Spain which I totally love and the staff is super friendly!!

Rebecca A. 10/3/2011 Read more

Oh my goodness, these sandwiches were just delicious. The bread was perfectly sort of hard on the outside and chewy and amazing.

Kelly O. 11/30/2011 Read more

What can I say about a place fills my stomach with the deliciousness that I have not had since living in Madrid or traveling to San Sebastian? All of the pintxos I have had are superb.

Patrick M. 9/9/2011 Read more

ADORE this place...makes me feel like I'm really back in Spain,...It's perfect for a casual lunch or dinner and all the delicious looking goodies will inspire your next dinner or cocktail party. I would bring a buddy so you can share one of every item in that wonderful tapas display.

eeeeestar t. 6/8/2011 Read more

This place is so amazing. They have just about everything I could ever want to purchase for cooking up spanish foods. Chorizo, Jamon, Pulpo, olive oil, etc... They also have a great selection of small lunch plates to eat which are also amazing. Definitely worth going to!

ramon u. 11/23/2011 Read more

The serrano ham (aged 15 months) melts in your mouth. Cured to perfection and excellent in a bocadillo. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Manchego Joven cheese. Light and mild, just the way I like it. Throw in a handful of Marcona almonds and a glass of Tempranillo and I am in paradiso.

Vivian H. 3/15/2011 Read more

I try something new most every time I go, but my stand out favorite is the El Quijote, a pork and manchengo cheese sandwich with some sort of quince spread that nails the savory/sweet flavor profile.

Maddie O. 6/16/2011 Read more

…the place has brought back some great food memories when I was in Malaga and Seville. It's probably one the best bocadillos I have eaten since I left Spain. The meat was really juicy and flavorful, almost better than the Morcilla I had in Malaga. I believe I have eaten some of the tastiest Spanish food in New York so far. I love Spain. I love New York. I really liked eating at this place.

Ambrose C. 1/11/2011 Read more

Despana's sandwiches consistently bring me to my knees. Thinking about them now, my mouth is watering. And make sure to get your sandwich to-go so you don't feel self-conscious about the o-face you will undoubtedly make upon biting into it. You will. You will! Don't fight it.

Bianca C. 3/7/2011 Read more

I am officially in love. This place is so cozy, clean and unique in its own ways. Very attentive staff, positive vibe, delicious dishes, relaxing ambiance-a little heaven in a middle of stormy soho.

eve a. 9/27/2011 Read more

The Sandwiches are superb, try the Chistorra Flauta, and the Catalan, and if you really want something special, the Butifarras sandwich. I can only find my favorite cheeses there. The only place I know of in the tri-state that carries Cabrales, a mixed milk blue with deep veins and a peppery flavor. Real cheese eaters cheese though. And the Chistorra sausage to go is a must. Great for a summer BBQ.

Sam N. 3/17/2011 Read more

Despana es delicioso! I adore Gazpacho. It was creamy, well-balanced, and delicioso, with the perfect amount of fresh tomato flavor. Volvere!

Amanda R. 4/7/2011 Read more

The goat cheese combined with the flavorful jamon serrano, plus the garlic spread, gave my palate and tongue an amazing sense of euphoria and bliss. I'm talking about the kind of really amazing euphoria and bliss that you get as if you just kissed the lips of a really gorgeous girl that you would want to hang out with quite often.

Ambrose C. 1/11/2011 Read more

This store is your go-to if you are missing Spain. Here you will find: Bocarones, Turrones, Aceite de Oliva, Acetunas, Jamon Iberico, Jamon Serrano, Quesos de Espana, Pate, Almendras Marcona, Chorizos,... How I miss you Spain. Thanks to Despana for helping me to relive some of those good memories.

Vivian H. 3/15/2011 Read more

Great place to grab a quick bite or put together a meal for later at home. One of NYC's newest treasures, there's no other store quite like them.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more